Friday, May 4, 2012

Dougherty County tax payers need some relief from the Governor.

Post by Mike Flynn
And the hits just keep on coming!

At some point the Governor of Georgia has to give the residents of Dougherty County some relief... Doesn't he?

So far we have:
  • CRCT Cheating
  • Free Lunch Fraud
  • Two million missing from the lunch program
  • Illegal orders to an officer of the law
  • Illegal use of TAX PAYER DOLLARS to bail out incarcerated students
  • Multiple instances of sexual misconduct  
What else does the Governor need? I am not going to criticize the hiring of the Dr. Murfree, but at some point he and finance director Robert Lloyd should be forced to speak with the GBI. I am not accusing them of wrong doing, and if there have been no laws broken, they should welcome the opportunity to speak with law enforcement.

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