Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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The Peach State is once again among the best states for business, according to CNBC.

Georgia is ranked No. 4 for 2011 following a four-year absence from the top five. Georgia scored a 1,513 out of 2,500 points in CNBC’s exclusive study, which examined a variety of factors and is being revealed on-air all day on Tuesday.

CNBC’s annual report examined 43 measurements and grouped them into 10 large categories for the survey. Georgia’s highest ranking came in infrastructure and transportation, while its lowest was in quality of life.

Here’s Georgia’s score breakdown:

Cost of Doing Business -- ranked 18th with a score of 208
Workforce -- ranked fourth with a score of 259
Quality of Life -- ranked 38th with a score of 140
Economy -- ranked 35th with a score of 107
Infrastructure & Transportation -- ranked second with a score of 273
Technology & Innovation -- ranked 17th with a score of 156
Education -- ranked 22nd with a score of 118
Business Friendliness -- ranked 16th with a score of 134
Access to Capital -- ranked 13th with a score of 76
Cost of Living -- ranked ninth with a score of 42
In 2010, Georgia was named 10th best for business in the CNBC rankings.

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